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On January 2, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, president of the state and chairman of the Central Military Commission, signed the order No.1 of the Central Military Commission in 2020 to issue an opening and mobilization order to the whole army. The orders signed by President Xi caused a strong response among the officers and men of the whole army, and the troops quickly set off a new annual upsurge of military training.


The officers and soldiers said that this was the third consecutive year that President Xi issued a training and mobilization order, set up a clear guide to grasp military training, and sounded the era horn of military training and preparation. It is necessary to implement Xi Jinping's idea of strengthening the armed forces, implement the military strategic policy in the new era, strengthen the thinking of serving as a soldier, leading troops to war and conducting military operations, keep an eye on the enemy's opponents, pay close attention to actual combat-oriented military training, and maintain a high level of vigilance to ensure that when called upon, they can fight and they will win.


Departments of the Military Commission have concentrated on organizing lectures on high-tech knowledge in the new year through a video system, and conducted training on operational mapping, operational research and training, and military sports respectively. The heads of the organs at various levels believe that the \"highlighting of military training by war, highlighting the system of military training, highlighting the testing of confrontation, laying a solid foundation and highlighting the style of work\" put forward by the 2020 training and mobilization order is an organic whole closely linked, interconnected and interactive, with strong pertinence, guidance and operation, which has further established the following and pointed out the direction for the new year's military training preparations.


A naval submarine awarded the honorary title of \"underwater launch test pioneer boat\" by the Central Military Commission is conducting simulation training. \"We must resolutely implement the decision-making instructions of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and Chairman Xi, and resolutely fulfill the mission of the new era entrusted to us by the Party and the people from the point of view of actual combat needs,\" said Li Hanfei.


Southeast coast, the 73rd group army a new year first flight training aimed at dangerous and difficult subjects, several warplanes quickly and accurately formation, complete skimming sea flight, maritime reconnaissance, attack on the sea, drill a variety of combat methods. The battalion commander, Fang Xingxian, said that military training is an important way to improve actual combat capability and the most direct and effective preparation for military struggle. In peacetime, the military training in place, grasp the real, wartime can go up, win, can live up to the mission, live up to the trust.


The first flight of the 75th air assault brigade of the new year was interspersed with simulated special training. Flight dispatcher fan mingsong said:\" in a complex test to hone the ability to win, can really make the clear direction of military training to stand up.\"


Central Plains hinterland, the 83rd group army a brigade general troops to strange complex area to launch \"synthetic battalion attack combat drill \". The brigade's \"yang gens\" officers and men believe that if they do not go to the level of military training, the preparations for military struggle will be very difficult to implement, and the combat effectiveness of the troops will be difficult to improve. It is necessary to strengthen the thinking of serving as a soldier, leading troops to war and conducting war, resolutely implement the principle of consistency in training and conducting war, persist in conducting military training in the preparation for war, and use strong troops in the armed forces, so as to truly improve the actual combat capability of the troops.


Under the Changbai Mountain, the snow was heavy. Armed police officers and men braved the freezing cold 30 degrees below zero, in Linhai Xueyuan organized live-fire shooting, field survival and other courses training. The officers and men indicated that they must resolutely heed President Xi's orders and implement in detail the instructions of the order.


At the beginning of the new year, the rocket army \"conventional missile first brigade\" multi-way test, find out the number of capabilities, to find the right training grip. Launch units randomly selected commanders to participate in the full post operation assessment, logistics equipment support units divided into 7 competition areas to launch post training contest. The officers and men said that they should strictly follow the guidelines, strictly examine and evaluate, strictly supervise and hold accountable, improve the conditions of support, do a good job of mass military training and contest, train every single soldier, every type of equipment and every type of combat element in place, and consolidate the basis for winning the battle.


Saibei zhu and training base, a brigade of the 81st group of troops with red and blue against the drill to start the first new year's training shot, focusing on solving the extremely cold conditions of command integration, penetration reconnaissance, battlefield maintenance and other important and difficult problems. The officers and men said that in grasping the military training, we must give prominence to the style of work, start from the actual combat needs and strike from the difficulties, carry forward the fighting spirit of one fear of suffering and two fear of death, and dare to overcome all difficulties and defeat all enemies.


Teng Hui, head of a group of air transport aviation units in the western war zone, organized the actual combat training and discussed the training and mobilization order. He said:\" Only with a state of mind to engage in military training to prepare for the war, can constantly improve the actual combat capabilities of troops.\"


From the shore of the East China Sea to the western desert, from the South Coconut Island to the border of the North, the troops of the whole army moved, and the whole army was preparing for the war with high morale. The officers and soldiers said they would unswervingly promote actual combat-oriented military training, improve the operational capabilities of the system, promote the implementation of the war-preparedness work, consolidate the basis of the ability to win the war, ensure the effective shaping of the situation, control the crisis, contain the war, win the war, and resolutely fulfill the mission of the new era entrusted by the Party and the people.