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To prevent \"greasyness\" and become a \"compulsory course\" for young people today. Many young people began to increase muscle fat, iron fitness road. \"Bye-bye caffeine, quit coke off greasy, come back and turn, high-temperature yoga lying on his back, dynamic bicycle Pilates, warm cup bubble wolfberry\" also became a true portrayal of young people. Of course, in addition to making their body and physical fitness to become healthy, in the travel life, they also have strict requirements for their own driving \"style \".


When it comes to the shape of the fitness talent version, we must first think of the american traditional muscle car, the high-rise engine cabin is filled with v8 engine, short and small lean rear and angular shape everywhere reflects the hard school effect, the roar of the large-volume engine seems to always say no to the environment.


These, of course, are just tantalizing passages from the movie. Can there be such a car back to everyday life, as well as a strong enough character and personality to fit into your life?


For young men and women who love the vest line and the mermaid line, a good body also means full of edges and corners, leaving nothing to lose. The new RAV4 was designed to meet the needs of young people through a comprehensive innovation.


The use of polygonal graphics throughout the car, throughout the functional components, such as octagonal intake grille, sharp quadrilateral headlights, polygonal wheel eyebrow and trapezoidal structure of the rear, all show the modern urban trend aesthetic concept.


Speaking of FAW Toyota brand new RAV4 Rongfang, we have to say the significance of the RAV4 model for the Toyota brand. From the Tokyo Motor Show as a concept car 30 years ago to the product life cycle of the past 25 years, the fifth generation RAV4 has come to us.


Perhaps for the old look feel dull, the new RAV4 also began to shape fitness. As a global strategy model, the brand-new RAV4 glory is made by FAW-Toyota, the appearance of no change is retained, making it highly consistent with the overseas version.


FAW Toyota brand new RAV4 Rongfang adopts the Toyota family TNGA global design concept, in the front face part, the intake grille and the lower bumper main body all use the trapezoid design to highlight the brand new family face shape, the two sides of the lamp group and the vertical arrangement of fog lights complement each other, making the overall feeling of the front face very three-dimensional, with a very obvious sense of hierarchy. Many of the corners of the detail are like shaped muscles that give off a strong enough hard cross-country effect.


On the side of the body, the four wheels are closer to the four corners of the vehicle due to the longer front and rear axles, which enhances the accuracy and sensitivity of the steering system.


The front and rear wheel arches use square design style, adding black plastic cross-country kit around for embellishment, highlighting the calm center of gravity and cross-country wild feeling. The back-to-front dive of the waist line is like the perfect line drawn by an athlete in extreme sports, allowing the new RAV4 to make a bigger return in the city.


Similarly, the rear 45° also exudes a rich layer of beauty. The angular taillights on both sides of the LED structure, in the night highlight the full recognition, the black cross-country kit below the bumper and the front face echo each other, bilateral single-out of the exhaust and bumper to maintain a certain degree of fit, the wide exhaust pipe diameter also more prominent sense of strength.


Compared with the previous product, the brand new RAV4 glory can be said to have an earth-shaking change in the design, it is like wearing a suit after the fitness talent, not only has the straight body, smooth muscle lines and the young from the inside to the outside of the strong breath slightly covered by the charming appearance, and when it gallops hard, you can understand the true sense of power it contains.


Among them, the natural inspiratory engine of the hybrid version can provide a maximum power of 131kW and a peak torque of 221Nm, while the front axle motor that assists it has a maximum power of 88kW and a peak torque of 202Nm, and the rear axle motor has data of 40kW and 121Nm, which makes the total power of the hybrid model to 163kW, comparable to the luxury brand SUV model.


The dynamic torque control system for the low-fitting version of the four-drive system has been improved from the previous generation of RAV4-drive system and has been re-tuned to be more adaptable. This four-drive system can distribute power output between the front and rear axes, and has better ability to get rid of difficulties in the field.


In the road driving state, the power distribution between the front and rear axes is 100:0, which reduces the load of the engine and provides excellent fuel economy. In the rain and snow weather road, the power distribution ratio of the front and rear axes can change between 90:10-50:50, and the real four-drive power is balanced. In grass, sand and other mild cross-country road, dynamic torque control system enough to provide you with driving fun.


The dynamic torque vector control four-drive system is the most powerful four-drive system in the same class. The key technology is that the left and right wheels can control the torque output independently. When one side of the wheel slips, the electronic system passes the power directly to the other side of the wheel through the four-drive structure, thus realizing the escape.


The most prominent feature of the system is that there is no differential on the rotating shaft, but the electromagnetic coupling is installed on the left and right sides of the rear shaft, which can control 0-100% of the power to the left or right wheels at will by opening and closing.


The top-of-the-line hybrid also comes with an electronic four-drive system. Due to the structural advantages of the mixing system, the brand new RAV4 Rong is placed on the rear axle with a motor directly.


That is to say, there are three motors in total in the new RAV4 Rongqi double-engine version, two coaxial motors in the front axle and one independent motor in the rear axle. With three motors, the front and rear wheel torque ratio up to 20:80, acceleration, maneuverability up to the rear drive level, ECO, NORMAL, SPORT three different driving modes can allow drivers to fully experience its personality.


After a long period of designers'accumulated sense of trend, the muscular lines cannot only attract female consumers, but also cover most of the age groups for male consumers.


And what really makes it feel safe is the hard drive that emanates from the inside and out, which also confirms what we said at the beginning, fitness molding is not just for young people, a car can do it.


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